3 Bar and Grill Bacon Happy Hour

Saturday, January 2, 2010 Review by judywrites

Going to Washington, D.C.?  3 Bar and Grill is a necessary stop in Arlington, VA, but be sure to go on a Thursday. Thursday is a Bacon Fest at the Bar – Bacon on a Stick or Pulled Pork Sliders, as well a Bacon Bloody Mary’s.

The restaurant was recently featured on the Travel Channel’s Bacon Paradise show. Their menu features some unique items made with bacon. An interesting appetizer is Bleu Cheese Chips with Point Reyes Bleu Cheese and House Cured Bacon. Their lunch BLT is home cured bacon with fried green tomatoes. The Grilled Cheese features three cheeses and bacon and the burger is ground beef and Andouille sausage topped with bacon.

Some fun and interesting bacon ideas to try at home.

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