BaconPop – Could it actually be edible?

Wednesday, January 13, 2010 Review by Andrew

Since my office is right next to BaconSalt headquarters, I figured I should know a bit more about them and their products. Specifically, they recently released bacon flavored popcorn. I pondered this for a bit and wasn’t sure if it would be edible or simply a novelty.

After overcoming my common sense, I went ahead and got some BaconPop. Tried it out last night and here’s the results:

It popped completely in about 2 minutes 45 seconds in my microwave. No dead kernels at all, impressive!

My first bite was so so, pretty much just tasted like standard popcorn with a little smoke. As I got deeper into the bag, the bacon flavor exploded into it’s full glory. Just like other flavored microwave popcorn, you have to shake the flavor off one side of the bag.

The taste is actually quite good, nice popcorn flavor and the bacon taste does add nicely to it!

Delightful snack, but there are two down sides to this bag of decadence – 1. I’d hate to read the nutrition label 2. My microwave still reeks of “bacon” over 12 hours later.

In conclusion – a tentative rating of tasty.

We Love BaconScotch!

One response to “BaconPop – Could it actually be edible?”

  1. BetterThanAndrew says:

    Hit this. Was sadly underhwelmed (but we didn’t make it deep into the bag where the core of goodness allegedly resides, according to your review). We have found that popping a bag of our favorite “plebian” popcorn and then shaking a few dashes of our favorite variety of BaconSalt (Jalepeno!) into the sack and giving it a jiggle yields better results. YMMV

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