Have Your Scotch on the Rocks – Really!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010 Review by judywrites

Hi everyone,

You want to enjoy your whisky chilled, but not diluted by the ice melting, so I think this might be the solution for you!

Whisky Stones – they are made of soapstone, which has excellent thermal properties. They won’t scratch the glass and will not alter the flavor of your favorite scotch.

Whisky on the Rocks with Soapstones

Easy to use and reusable.  This is the perfect gift for youself or your favorite Scotch drinker. Maybe you can pick up a set of special glasses to go with the “rocks”. Valentine’s Day is just a little more than a month away.

Check it out at http://www.surlatable.com/product/id/227698.do

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