7 Ideas for Using Bacon in Your Cooking

Saturday, June 12, 2010 Review by judywrites

Bacon, bacon, bacon! Sometimes at breakfast, I will save a piece of bacon on my plate for the very taste I have. There is something so satisfying about bacon. It seems to hit all the senses at once.

Here are seven ideas for using bacon in your cooking:

1.  Dice bacon and cook using as a saute oil base for your onions and garlic. Then add chicken or pork and continue cooking to recipe requirements.

2.  We eat twice-baked potatoes in our home frequently. I scrub a bunch of potatoes, bake them, scoop out the flesh and mix with butter, milk (low fat is just fine), diced green onions, a handful of grated cheese and a handful of cooked, diced bacon. Blend together and refill the potato skins. You can freeze them and reheat in the microwave.

3.  Wrap scallops or shrimp with a slice of bacon (or prosciutto) and grill or saute.

4.  Make a Hot Bacon dressing for your spinach salad.

5.  Make quiche and use bacon instead of ham with asparagus. Yummy!

6.  Sprinkle freshly cooked diced bacon over steamed green beans or add to a spinach or corn casserole.

7.  Toast whole grain bread, spread with freshly mashed avocado, top with bacon and enjoy!

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