The Bacon Explosion

Monday, June 28, 2010 Review by BetterThanAndrew

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Yeah, yeah. Pretty much everyone’s heard of the fabled Bacon Explosion by now. However, it’s not on this site yet and I’m here to remedy that.

Hit this link to get the full details. I made one for the superbowl (with a few of my own little modifications – noted below) and it was fan-f#%$^ng-tastic.

My recommendations – get thick bacon with the most uniform edges from end-to-end possible. It makes it much easier to weave the mats to hold all the sausage – if the strips have too many waves along the edges, you get holes in your mat. I went heavy maple with my recipe. Maple bacon, maple sausage and Sweet Baby Ray’s (the best line of BBQ sauce available, IMHO) Hickory and Brown Sugar sauce. The sweetness of the all the maple and  brown sugar  (I also mixed a little brown sugar  in with my McCormicks Montreal dry rub) offset the saltiness of the bacon and sausage very nicely. I think I may have kneaded a little Sweet Baby Ray’s in with my sausage, too. I don’t have a smoker so I made mine in the oven and it didn’t seem to do it any harm, although it took about 40 minutes longer to come to temperature than the recipe stated. I’m sure the smoker gives it a heartier flavor and may crisp up the outer layer a bit more but mine was fine.


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