Things Made with Bacon

Thursday, July 8, 2010 Review by judywrites

This is a cool article about real products made with bacon….interesting possibilities.

You could have bacon and eggs for breakfast along with maple bacon coffee!

Take a look…..

Enjoy and let us know if you dare to try any of them!


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  1. BetterThanAndrew says:

    Bacon Air freshener – Had one in my car for a long time. Thankfully the smell only lasted a day or two. I recall that it smelled more like low tide in Jersey after a Liquid Smoke spill than bacon. It sure looked sweet, though.

    Mo’s Bacon Bar – I have tried it. It’s pretty good. The bits of bacon in it are so miniscule that you barely notice them. I’d prefer them to be tiny pebble size, rather than large-grain-of-sand sized. I think it’s deliver more bacon goodness without tipping the scales in a bad way.

    Bacon mints – Got some of these in a grab bag about a year ago, I think. Awful. Avoid like the plague. I believe my comment was “Cruelest joke ever!!!” as I dry heaved them into the garbage.

    Bacon toothpicks – They’re ok. As with most flavored toothpicks, they’re very soft wood and break down quickly and the flavor wasn’t terribly accurate but at least they weren’t totally foul.

    Remember kids, Novelty things made to taste like bacon < Novelty things made with bacon.

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