What Do Bacon Do?

Tuesday, July 13, 2010 Review by BetterThanAndrew

So Josie and I made the rounds at the West Seattle Street Fair this last weekend. While at a booth, we encountered a bubbly young woman with not one, but two anthropomorphized bacons on her shirt, crafted from felt, pipe cleaners and googly eyes. Upon inquiry, she informed us that they were Bacon Buddies and that they were available at a booth elsewhere at the fair. She explained that they are a bacon equivalent of Flat Stanley; you take them on your adventures with you and take photos of your Buddy doing stuff and share them with people. Curiosities piqued, we set off in search of this mecca of handcrafted hoggy humanoids.
We found the stand on our way out and the woman that we had met before was working it, peddling her petite porcine people. The company/project is called “What Do Bacon Do?” and their motto is “Building a better world through laughter and bacon”. Now that’s a philosophy I can get behind!
“What Do Bacon Do?” is a super team of awesomeness created by Sweet Kathy J (aka Bacon Mama).
She recruited the creative geniuses of Uncle Mike who now serves as the Director of Pork-duction,
and Wendy W, Baconista Extraordinaire, for creative development. They had a whole table of male and female Bacon Buddies in different stages of cooked-ness and colors of appendages and hair. If you’re willing to put in a request and wait a few days, they will make you custom Buddies with dimensions, characteristics, clothes and accessories to your specifications. Being the impatient cad that I am, I purchased one of the pre-cooked bacon whose character spoke to me from the table.

Everyone, meet Kevin. Kevin The Bacon

The packaging is very clever. The front side looks like a pack of uncooked bacon. On the back it tells a very whimsical tale of a centuries-old struggle between bacon and poultry for the title of white-meat supremacy. The bacon king or archbishop or supreme commander or something is captured by the poultry forces and banished to points unknown. The idea is that your traveling bacon photos are to serve as chronicles of the Buddies’ search for their lost figurehead.
There is a website, http://www.whatdobacondo.com/, Facebook and Twitter account where your photo submissions and stories, should you choose to submit them to the WDBD folks, may be posted and shared. You can see lots of the made-to-order bacon and their crazy photoshoots on the site. You will notice that they are very bendable and poseable and can protect you from meteor showers with their laser eyes*
It’s a fun product made by fun people for the sake of wackiness. They even had giant felt bacon suits that they would let people wear just for photos (Those pictures are on Josie’s camera so I’ll have to follow up with them later). Anyhow, I highly encourage anyone with a childlike sense of adventure and humor and $10 to spare to support these good folks. We are already plotting on adopting siblings for Kevin, perhaps of the zombie variety.

*Bacon Buddies do not actually have laser eyes nor would they probably do much to protect you from a meteor shower. The author does not recommend that you use your Bacon Buddy for any such purpose.

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