Iron Chef Cat Cora Knows Her Cocktails

Sunday, October 24, 2010 Review by judywrites

Iron Chef Cat Cora faced the challenge of bourbon as the secret ingredient tonight on Iron Chef America. So, bourbon and scotch are not the same, but can be interchangeable.

Chef Cora has some incredible dishes as only she can and tonight was no exception. Her starter was a cocktail with an appetizer dish. Not so sure about the appetizer itself because I was so intrigued by the drink she served with it.

So here it goes…

A healthy shot of bourbon (substitute your favorite scotch) in a glass coated with a vanilla salt (easy to do – dip the glass in vanilla and then into a salt, such as used for Margaritas). Instead of a stir stick, the drink included a rasher of brown sugar coated bacon skewered on a wooden kebak type stick.

That is quite an interesting and original use of both bacon and scotch…..

Try it. Let us know what you think. BTW, she won the challenge so Food Network might have more information on the drink and appetizer dish soon.


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