When You Just Gotta Have that Bacon Taste…..

Thursday, October 14, 2010 Review by judywrites

…you now have an option.

You can hear it sizzling in the pan, you can smell the aroma, and you can see it on your plate, but you are sitting at your desk, maybe driving your car and so that is not going to happen. BUT you want bacon….

Uncle Oinker's Bacon Min

Uncle Oinker's Bacon Mints

These mints have a definite bacon flavor, with a hint of refreshing mint. Not too pricey for a novelty treat – $2.49.


Might also be a great stocking stuffer for your bacon lover this holiday season.

Let us know if you try them.

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One response to “When You Just Gotta Have that Bacon Taste…..”

  1. BetterThanAndrew says:

    Never give these things to anyone you love, much less those with an affinity for bacon.

    I got these in my stocking last year. Subsequently, in our household, they have been dubbed “The cruelest joke ever”. I actually kept them around as a terrible gag or in case I ever wanted to initiate froshes with vicious hazing or suggest an effective torture alternative to waterboarding. I have known no person who could keep one on their tongue for more than a five count. Violent (r)ejection of the little tablet from one’s mouth is usually accompanied by the dry heaves.

    Seriously. They’re super bad.

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