Bacon, a Love Story

Wednesday, December 15, 2010 Review by judywrites

Hi everyone,

Wandering through the cookbook aisle of our library, this title immediately caught my eye – Bacon, a Love Story ~ A Salty Survey of Everyone’s Favorite Meat. I really wasn’t looking for a book on bacon, but it was calling me.

What a great book! It is divided into two parts: Bacon 101 and The Bacon Diet. It is a light fun read with some neat recipes. Now, they aren’t necessarily different than anything you’ve had ever, but presented in a different perspective.

It also has some fun facts – for instance, did you know A&W was the first restaurant chain to add bacon to a cheeseburger. Thank you A&W! The meat vegetarians miss the most is, of course, Bacon! To the point, they even make a tofu bacon.

Anyway, if you have a bacon lover, who also likes to cook, consider this book for your holiday list.

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