Limited Edition Chicken Fried Bacon

Friday, April 15, 2011 Review by BetterThanAndrew

Some of you may remember my last post about Chicken Fried Bacon. Well look out, kids. There’s a new flightless bacon wonder passing through town! Wait! What’s that sound? It’s the sound of a SHOWDOWN! Get your seats and tackle a popcorn vendor. This one’s gonna be a knock-down, drag-out fight to the finish!

I was at one of the manyThe Ram Restaurants for an associate’s going away party. Whilst perusing the menu for something to snack on, I came across some limited-edition burger which boasted chicken fried bacon on it. Well, who wants to taint perfectly good CFB with a mundane beef patty? I asked our server if they served the bacon solo… And was denied.

Oh no! I’m not going out like that. Incredulous, I channeled my best Bond (James Bond – heh) charm and pressed the issue. After a bit of doe-eyed negotiating, I managed to score an off-menu helping of 8 slices of the golden magic! And all for a paltry $4!

Chicken Fried Bacon

So here we go. It’s time for the weigh in! The challenger is looking strong! The bacon is thick-cut and high quality. Clearly the same stock that The Ram proudly features in its usual naked glory on burgers. The batter? Somehow not soggy with grease either from the fryer or the bacon beneath. It was golden, light and crispy. The champ is looking to take a beating.

The bell rings! The challenger comes out of his corner with a fury. The bacon is cooked to perfection and the batter is light and has great cling to the bacon. It doesn’t slough off the strips. It also appears to be some kind of spicy or cajun batter, carrying a bit of heat on the finish. The complete package on the palette is none too salty or heavy. I knocked out 6 of the slices myself and didn’t feel like I had just swallowed a greasy rock. The champ pales in comparison in quality, texture and even price. The only advantage was the fact that the champ comes with gravy. However, being that the challenger wasn’t actually on the fight bill, I can’t blame him for not bringing his entourage. And frankly, I didn’t miss it.

TKO! We have a new champion! The Ram’s not-really-on-the-menu-but-if-you-ask-your-waitress-really-nicely-you may-be-able-to-score-some-but-your-price-and-availability-may-vary Chicken Fried Bacon. One way or another, only for a limited time but good work if you can get it. The champ still has his charm and is sticking with us for the long run, though. And let’s not forget the joy (and gravy) he’s brought us.

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