Kiss The Pig

Tuesday, May 31, 2011 Review by BetterThanAndrew


So, the Vegetarian brought me home a savory surprise from the Ballard farmer’s market today. It was called a “Kiss the Pig” cupcake from an operation called Cupcake Luv. They specialize in bite-sized delights, “handcrafted with the finest local ingredients”, with a variety of chocolate- and vanilla-based cupcakes, plus seasonal and savory offerings. The Kiss The Pig was from the latter category. It’s an interpretation of a BLT, made with premium smoked local bacon, imported gouda and shallots and it’s finished with a sundried tomato cream.

Unboxing: Well, unbagging is more accurate. The unit is top shelf. Simple but elegant. Very presentable, garnished with a tiny slice of cherry tomato and… something green.

The tasting: I would almost compare this more to a muffin or biscuit than a cupcake. The consistency was more dry than a cupcake and was similar to the bacon cheese muffins I recently made. That said, I’m not counting it as a strike against the ‘Pig, just noting it as a “that’s the way it is”. It was not heavy or too dense, just not exactly cupcake-like.

The flavor was very robust and definitely savory. The chunks of bacon were present throughout and were definitely of high quality. I could taste the shallots but they weren’t overwhelming. If anything, they were understated. The tomato cream caught me off guard at first. I didn’t realize that the ‘Pig was going to be exclusively savory and thus was expecting something sweet, which I did not get. Once I recovered and recouped, it was all good. The cream was nice and light and very flavorful; tangy even. I’m not sure if it was also a product of my expectations of sweetness but I think it could have been a bit on the salty side. With only two bites, it was kind of hard to tell. Overall it was very good – a real treat for one’s savory tooth.

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