Mount Olympus, with bacon!

Monday, May 9, 2011 Review by BetterThanAndrew

Mt Olympus

So in my latest installment of “Bacon: It’s great work if you can get it, and you can get it if you try”, or “Getting bacon things off-menu, for the persistent and/or lucky”, I turn my attention to dessert. Seattle has a lot of great gourmet ice creameries/gelato…ries? Anyhow, one such installation in the category is Peaks. Peaks is a frozen custard shop which offers some creative flavors of their frozen delights, plus great twists on all your standard sundaes, using nothing but the best ingredients. They also feature pints/quarts to go. My friend Ian recently converted me and I decided it was time to bring The Vegetarian into the fold.

As we were standing in line, The Vegetarian picked up a copy of their Flavor Forecast, which is a calendar of all their rotating flavors for the month. They keep the standards (vanilla, chocolate, etc.) on hand at all times and then do a couple of flavors each day to keep you coming back for more. Lo, and behold, we had just missed Wednesday’s batch of Maple Bacon custard. Undaunted, I asked them if perchance they had any left over, hiding in the back or a spoon I might lick. To my dismay, they were completely out. Sensing my near-palatable disappointment, the chipper folks behind the counter quickly added “We do have some bacon left over though, if you’d like us to add it as a topping.” Do bears shed in the woods?!?

Decisions, decisions! My eyes and mind raced over their menu, looking for the best possible option to upgrade to bacon status. I opted for the Mount Olympus, Peaks’ house edition of a Turtle sundae. Two scoops of vanilla dressed up in chocolate and caramel sauce and, normally, pecans, but I subbed out the squirrel food for a dose of hog instead. It’s all topped up with the standard whipped cream and a cherry, plus a wedge of the lightest and tastiest waffle cone you may ever have.

The staff seemed excited as they set to work. Were they stoked on my excitement or for the opportunity to build such a concoction? I’m not exactly sure which. Perhaps both. Either way, the final product was everything I expected.

Their custard is rich but not too much so, nor too heavy. The chocolate and caramel sauces are not overly sweet or overwhelming to the rest of the flavors. The bacon was good quality, thick cut and relatively lean and chopped into good-sized hunks. The portion was very generous, enough to give me a couple bits per spoonful from beginning to end. The flavors mixed very nicely, the savory nature of the bacon played well with the sauces to create a salted caramel and chocolate flavor. As a side note, bacon gets a little tough and chewy when it’s near freezing so, while I appreciate the quality of thick-cut bacon, I’d almost consider going with a thin cut just to improve the texture when it gets cold. It depends on how much you like chunks of stuff in your frozen desserts.

I am very excited to get a hold of some of their next batch of Maple Bacon custard. Review will be forthcoming, of course. However, as a bit of advice to customers who fancy the porcine delights, it may behoove you to ask if they just happen to have any extra bacon on hand. Perhaps with enough inquiries they’ll add it to their regular, extensive topping menu. Hint hint, nudge nudge.

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