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Sunday, May 1, 2011 Review by Andrew

Ed: Recently we were lucky enough to receive several samples from The Madison Chocolatier. This is a guest Review of their Bacon Pistachio Conditi and Brown Sugar Bacon Hazlenut Conditi by “Andrew’s Girlfriend”. We will also be reviewing their Bacon Peanut Butter Cup in the near future.

Being the girlfriend of one of the creators of Bacon, I am subject to equal parts delight and dismay as free samples of bacon-themed swag enter our apartment. I call to mind here the recently developed bacon cologne. Yet, on this occasion, I am happy to report delight is the adjective to be used to describe my most recent “bacwag” experience.

To start, this delectable package wasn’t filled with meaty scents, but of chocolaty wonder. Simple, clear packaging, reminiscent of the finest family-owned chocolatiers from France, with neat, handwritten labels which greeted me upon opening the cardboard box mailed to us. Rich dark chocolate sprinkled with various chopped nuts awaited. I thought, oh yes, this will be good. As a true lover of all things chocolate (except white chocolate, as it isn’t really chocolate), I could see the quality of this chocolate was of the finest grade – no cheap Cadbury’s here, thank you very much.

And my visual assessment did not lead me astray – ahhhh, wonderful! Most bacon themed chocolates sadly fall into the category of the novelty as the bacon flavor is so overwhelming it mars the taste buds to anything else. However, these marvels may look like home-spun disks of candy, but they taste perfect. Yes, perfect. Each chocolate is themed with a nut (hazel and pistachio were the two I sampled) and the bacon mixed within mingles exactly right with the quality chocolate and other flavors. Not too smoky, salty, or meaty. Just like how the connection of bacon chocolate sounds like it should taste, these treats do.

The velvety consistency is matched with the crisp bite of the toasted nuts and chewiness of the bacon crumbles. Overall, this is the best bacon sweet that money can buy. Which also means that I would actually spend money on these delights, if I didn’t get them free courtesy of my bacon-obsessed boyfriend. Still, I will probably buy other candies from The Madison Chocolatier West in the near future.

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