Bacon Salt Calling

Friday, June 10, 2011 Review by Andrew


Late last week we received an email from the folks at Bacon Salt offering us a sample of their new Bacon Rub. Bacon Salt is one of our favorite Seattle Bacon Industry Suppliers. Not only do they make fun and unique bacon products, they also have a great sense of humor. What other commercial website would have a picture of an eight foot bacon costumed, shocker throwing, smoking mascot?

Being a complete sample whore, I made the trip to Bacon Salt home base in South Seattle only a few short hours later. I left with the pile of sample goodies above. Despite the depression inducing weather forecast for the Seattle weekend, we intend to test and review the Bacon Rub; hopefully the rub will provide a boost to our vitamin D deprived zombie flesh.

Thanks to Dave at Bacon Salt for the samples!

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