Daily’s Hardwood Smoked Pepper Bacon

Monday, June 20, 2011 Review by BetterThanAndrew

Daily's Bacon

Sharing is caring… We all get told that in our childhood, right? Well, recently I had a friend of ours share the best gift of all – Bacon. I was gifted a slab of Daily’s Hardwood Smoked, Thick Cut Peppered Bacon.

I checked the website. Daily’s claims “Since beginning in 1893, Daily’s® Premium Meats has perfected the bacon-making process. From our signature hardwood smoked honey cured bacon to our deep applewood smoked bacon, you’re sure to find the perfect bacon to meet your needs.” Well, let’s see if it meets those claims…

Unboxing – The bacon is lean, slices are thick, course ground pepper present in good amount. It peels nicely with no tearing, stretching or meat/fat separation. Looking good so far.

Cooking – Cooked up nicely, hardly any shrinkage, not much grease. Characteristics of the dry rub/smoking process vs brining.

Taste – Fantastic. Flavor is good. The pepper really shines over the notes of smoke. Not too salty. Texture was good. Even pressed and well-cooked it was not tough.

Conclusion – This is some good stuff. Definitely amongst the best retail-available bacon I’ve come across (although my friend said she orders it from online). Pricing appears to be in 9-10 dollar range per pack. A price worth every penny. I’d like to try the other varieties.

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