Review: Black Bottle Blended Scotch Whiskey

Friday, June 24, 2011 Review by Brian
Review: Black Bottle Blended Scotch Whiskey

Review: Black Bottle Blended Scotch Whiskey

VIA (Our New Guy): Jason Debly

Malty!¬† For an Islay blend, I was expecting more smoke and peat, but what I sniff initially is malt.¬† Not bad at all, just a little surprising.¬† After the pleasant¬†malt flavor, the scotch does reveal peat and smoke, but very restrained.¬† This is not a screaming Archie Bunker in Edith’s face smoke and peat scenario.

The smooth Cordoba ride continues onto the palate with a sweet entry of malt followed by soft smoke and gentle peat.  Hardly any peat.  This is very soft.  Extremely quaffable.  A bottle that is disappearing far too quickly!  A great introductory blend to anyone who wants to learn about Islay scotch or are convinced that they do not like Islays.

Pencil shavings, malt, cardamon and of course smoke and peat.

General Impressions
In the category of “blended scotch whisky,”¬†Black Bottle is outstanding!¬† This scotch whisky has something for everyone.¬† The newbie will delight in the gentle, smooth texture while the scotch nut (like¬†moi) will marvel at the great balance between smoke, peat and sweetness.¬† Damn! this is good!¬† And warming too on those cold blustery days when I walk off the 18th hole!


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