Bacon Garlic Pork Roast

Friday, August 12, 2011 Review by judywrites

Hi everyone,

So you are probably thinking this is way too much to do. Well, The Hungry Mouse has it all for you in a step-by-step process, with pictures to help you out if you are less experienced cook.

Pork roast is wonderful on its own, but wrapped in bacon and with garlic, just has to be superb. I would serve this was a spinach salad with avocado, fresh sliced pear, sliced red onion and poppyseed dressing. If  you would like a potato, you can throw a couple into back while the roast is cooking…. there you go – dinner on the table. Really is easy – try it and let us know if you like this recipe.

Bacon & Garlic Encrusted Roast Pork Loin

1 pork loin, about 4 lbs.
7 cloves garlic, mashed
7-8 slices bacon
kosher salt, optional
freshly cracked black pepper
2 tsp. rosemary

Serves 6-8

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