Bacon Bourbon cont’d

Wednesday, September 7, 2011 Review by Water Rusts Gun Barrels

So you, my faithful reader, will have to forgive me my technological ineptitude.¬† The long-winded (and I’ll admit somewhat aimless)¬†bacon and scotch musing I spewed to the electronic universe was prematurely posted.¬† Not that I really mind too much but I need to quickly come to the point.

Basically, too much of anything will do you in.¬† However, there is one item that it completely worth it and that’s bourbon.¬† I’m going to focus my posts on American Whiskey, pretty much of the rye and bourbon varieties, and occasionally bacon.¬† I may venture into other random areas, be warned.¬† However, as a tribute to my declaration, I leave you with this link –

I know what you’re thinking and yes….it is possible. Bacon Bourbon lives¬†and this site gives a quick¬†primer in the delicacies of baconfying your own handle of sweet sweet bourbon.¬† You may never have to eat again.¬† Enjoy.

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