Caramel Apple Surprise by Madison Chocolatiers West

Wednesday, September 7, 2011 Review by Big Red

We’ve been on a bit of a tear with all the goodies that Madison Chocolatiers West have sent us.  Below is a guest post from our esteemed contributor Big Red.

Not the Caramel Apple of Your Childhood

Let me first preface this by saying that the first job I ever had was working on an apple orchard. I’ve probably eaten every man-made apple concoction, including caramel apples, so I’m a pro, right? Well, I was until the other night when a friend introduced us to this behemoth of deliciousness and I was quite rightly put in my place. Ladies and gentlemen let my introduce a bacon-infused caramel apple, coated not only with caramel but creamy peanut butter and chocolate mixed with perfectly fried bacon bits. Now the average eater might consider running away from such a monstrosity. However, fear not my fellow feasters, these flavors were so finely crafted and blended by chefs at Madison Chocolatiers West (MCW) that even your youngsters would be begging for more.










The only concern I have is with regards to packaging. Cellophane wrapping is all fine and dandy but double-knotted ribbons are not, especially when they are the only thing standing between you, your four other friends and death, errr, I mean dessert. Buuuuuut, fast forward 30 minutes.


“That’s sick…how good that is” a fellow diner said between what were most definitely collective sighs of contentment, regret, and shortness of breath, and I whole-heartedly concur. As I dove into my friend’s leftovers (yes, I had already inhaled my own piece) I was aware that I was dangerously slipping into a modesty-out-the-window-let’s-pig-out-and-love-every-minute-of-it kind of moment, and yet, I did not care one bit.  With each bite my mouth readily welcomed this power-packed flavor. It was like my teeth were mini drills happily chugging away through each layer: the crisp squirt of Grannysmith apple followed by a warm hug of caramel, a mouthwatering (by this point, quite literally) peanut butter explosion and concluding with dark chocolate mixed with what I swear was bacon just out of the frying pan (not possible given that this apple flew all the way from New Jersey and I was sitting in Seattle…but you get the gist).  Now some of you may think, “But bacon and apple?” and I say to you that the bacon does not take center stage: each bite is a perfect balance of salt, sweet, and bacon love. So do me a huge favor: pull up your big boy (or girl) pants and dive in. You are not going to regret this!

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