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Tuesday, September 18, 2012 Review by Brian


Thanks to Snackle Mouth for sending out some delicious snacks for the office to try!

“Big Mouth Snack is located in Boulder, CO and our featured product, Snackle Mouth®, was developed by us, three guys named “John”. We crafted a healthy, tasty, and simple granola nut snack with a high degree of clumpability. What is clumpability, you ask? Simply put, it’s a phenomenal flavor cluster, embodying superior taste, and made from the most simple natural and organic ingredients on the planet. Nutritious, fun and easy to grab on the go, and, the very best part…drum roll please…the taste will blow you away. Enjoy!!”

Because we’re a bacon related website, we’re going to focus on their Maple Bacon Granola Nut Clusters. List of ALL NATURAL ingredients:

> BACON (see below)

In particular, I wanted to focus on what they used for bacon. We get a ton of products sent to use – most of them with ‘bacon flavoring’ which usually never tastes good, or even remotely close to bacon.

Here’s what they had to say about the bacon they use:

“Our nitrate free bacon packs a lot of flavor in teeny tiny pieces. Bacon can be a good source of sodium, healthy saturated fats and protein and actually contains something called Choline, which among other things, helps stimulate brain development and fight brain impairments like Alzheimer’s disease. Plus it’s super yummy!”

FINALLY!! A company that uses REAL bacon in their product!! After munching on a few handfuls, I looked down to realized I at the entire box. Must have been good – right? It was. Take your basic rock-hard granola brick and smatch it all up. Add some bacon, almonds, pecans, oats and meld it together with syrup.  I can’t think of a better on the go -easy to eat snack.

I left a few boxes of this in our kitchen at the office. Needless to say, they started disappearing on by one. When I asked around to see what people thought, they didn’t have much to say. Was it because anything that you put out in the office always gets eaten, or because this was such a majical compibation of ingredients, people didn’t know why it was so good?

8 /10 for us. Why? Need moar bacon!  ; )

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