We have a passion. Do you?

BaconScotch is more than just a website – it’s a way of life. Do you start your day with a slice of pig? Do you end it with a tumbler of peaty spirits? Have your family members started assaulting you at holidays with bacon themed gifts? Do your non-smoking guests regularly have a cigarette on their way out the door after you have introduced them to your favorite peat monster? If yes, you may have what it takes to join the Order of BaconScotch.

But keep in mind, this isn’t an endeavor for the faint of heart (or liver). However, if you do choose to join us, the rewards will be many. We provide honest, unbiased reviews of exciting new products, we research and test recipes in our BaconScotch Labs, and we attend local events. Additionally, we offer official BaconScotch merchandise to our contributing members.

So, ask yourself one question – Do you live the BaconScotch life? If you do, the link is below.

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