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How to create your own vodka flavored bacon:

Sunday, April 10, 2011 Review by Brian

1. Fry up three strips of bacon.
2. Add cooked bacon to a clean pint sized mason jar. .
3. Fill the jar up with vodka. Cap and place in a dark cupboard for at least three weeks.
4. At the end of the three week resting period, place the bacon vodka in the freezer to solidify the fats. Strain out the fats through a coffee filter to yield a clear filtered pale yellow bacon vodka.
5. Decant into decorative bottles and enjoy.

Picture comming soon!We Love BaconScotch!

Bacon and Bourbon = “Be Mine!”

Monday, February 21, 2011 Review by Brian
Bourbon Blog

Bourbon Blog

What a great blog! Let’s all keep an eye on this one!


1 1/4 parts Basil Hayden’s Bourbon
1 part St-Germain Liqueur Infused with Applewood Smoked Bacon (recipe included below)
1 part Freshly Squeezed and Strained Lemon Juice
1/2 part Diluted Maple Syrup (1:1 ratio of Vermont Grade A Medium Amber Syrup to water)
1 dash Peychaud’s® Bitters
1/4 part Pasteurized Egg White

* Combine bourbon, bacon-infused St-Germain, lemon juice, diluted maple syrup, bitters and
egg white into a mixing glass and shake vigorously with ice.
* Strain over fresh ice into a double-old fashioned glass.
* Garnish with an orange slice and a piece of the St-Germain infused Applewood smoked bacon.

* 9 Thick Slices of Applewood Smoked Bacon
* Two 750 ml bottle of St-Germain Liqueur

We Love BaconScotch!

Bacon-Infused Scotch!?! (Girl + Fire = Food)

Sunday, December 26, 2010 Review by Brian
Bacon Infused Scotch

Bacon Infused Scotch

Wow – So Girl +  finally came to the light! Congrats!  Although I would recommend a milder flavor scotch – just so don’t mix and match some already smoky-flavored scotch with the bacon flavor. Good stuff.

Girl On Fire


Bacon-Infused Scotch

3-4 strips fatty bacon
1 tablespoon freshly rendered bacon fat
1 bottle of scotch

1. Fry up the bacon. Save a tablespoon of bacon fat. Eat the bacon. (If 3-4 strips doesn’t give you a full tablespoon, fry some more!)

2. Pour the scotch into a clean, wide-mouth container. You don’t want to put the bacon fat in the alcohol’s original bottle because some might get stuck in there, which leads to floating fat globules and that’s not pretty.

3. Let the mixture marinate overnight.

4. The next morning, stash the mixture in the freezer. Scotch doesn’t freeze, but the fat will. After a few hours, the fat will be solid, making it very easy to fish out. Even easier if you used a wide-mouth container.

5. Strain the alcohol back into its original bottle.

Your scotch is now ready to drink. Mmm.

We Love BaconScotch!

Iron Chef Cat Cora Knows Her Cocktails

Sunday, October 24, 2010 Review by judywrites

Iron Chef Cat Cora faced the challenge of bourbon as the secret ingredient tonight on Iron Chef America. So, bourbon and scotch are not the same, but can be interchangeable.

Chef Cora has some incredible dishes as only she can and tonight was no exception. Her starter was a cocktail with an appetizer dish. Not so sure about the appetizer itself because I was so intrigued by the drink she served with it.

So here it goes…

A healthy shot of bourbon (substitute your favorite scotch) in a glass coated with a vanilla salt (easy to do – dip the glass in vanilla and then into a salt, such as used for Margaritas). Instead of a stir stick, the drink included a rasher of brown sugar coated bacon skewered on a wooden kebak type stick.

That is quite an interesting and original use of both bacon and scotch…..

Try it. Let us know what you think. BTW, she won the challenge so Food Network might have more information on the drink and appetizer dish soon.


Better latte than never!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010 Review by BetterThanAndrew

Has everyone seen those Jack-In-The-Box commercials where they talk about how bacon makes everything better, and the guy at the very end says “Won’t somebody PLEASE make a bacon latte!?”. Well, this isn’t too far off. While it’s not a major ingredient, this crazy (like a fox!) dude did put some bacon in his coffee and it won him a major award amongst coffee, not (“just”) bacon, aficionados and critics. Follow the link to check it out. (Big ups to the BaconSalt Boys for the heads-up via twitter.)

Bacon Boosts Brew

Actually, there really is a Bacon Latte. A google search actually pulls up a couple of places that make them. However, the premiere reviews seem to be coming from Seattle’s own Hotwire Coffee, who is turning out a bacon latte featuring custom-cured bacon from The Swinery. Check out the next link to see what all the bacon buzz (double entendre!) is all about.

Bacon your latte

We Love BaconScotch!