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Deanston Single Malt Scotch Review

Tuesday, September 4, 2012 Review by Brian
Deanston Single Malt Scotch Review

Deanston Single Malt Scotch Review

The Deanston distillery, located in Perthshire in the Midlands (also known as
the Southern Highlands) is one of the most recently constructed distilleries in
Scotland. In fact, I could argue that Deanston wasn’t really ‘constructed’ at all.
In 1965 and 1966 Deanston was converted from a cotton mill (built in 1785)
by the Deanston Distillery Co Ltd. – a subsidiary of James Finlay & Co Ltd.

This scotch was quite a treat. I thought it was a bit strong and ‘smokey’ for me, but I did enjoy the sourness of it.

I’d give it a 6 / 10.

Cost: $30 (from what I remember)

From the pros:

Nose: Oily, nutty start. Then the strange fruity notes emerge that usually indicate some kind of finishing.
Sweet & sour. Some smokier and farmy elements appear after a few minutes. Becomes too sour in the end.
Taste: Round and sweet start. It feels hotter than the relatively modest proof would suggest. Menthol.
Score: 74 points РNose and palate were not really consistent over time. Loses points after a decent start.

REVIEW: Aberlour Scotch

Wednesday, February 15, 2012 Review by Brian
Aberlour Scotch

Aberlour Scotch

Nose” (undiluted): Cloves, nutmeg and cinnamon sticks. “Palate” (undiluted): Initial spiced dark currants, cherry, over-ripe black grapes, transitions mid-palate to a teensy weensy bit raw, unadulterated alcohol. Brackish water comes to mind. “Finish” (undiluted): Some smoke. A little green and a tinge of bitterness accompanies the taste of sherry and oak at the end.

Just in Time to Toast the Holiday Season

Sunday, December 18, 2011 Review by judywrites

Compass Box Whisky introduces their “The Last Vatted Malt”. This is a limited release!¬†Only 1,323 bottles were produced.

It is the last Vatted Malt because as of November 22, 2011, all whiskies of this type (a blending of malts from more than one distillery) must be labeled as Blended Malt Scotch Whisky.

The Compass Box Whisky site has a variety of wonderful scotch whiskeys available.

A Google search resulted in a U.S. source for Compass Box Whisky –¬†

Maybe your favorite Scotch resource can assist you in purchasing one of their wonderful Scotch whiskies.

Slàinte mhòr agad!



The Singleton Scotch

Sunday, August 7, 2011 Review by Brian
The Singleton Scotch

The Singleton Scotch

The Singleton Scotch

Age: 15 Years

Aroma: Buttery smoke is first on the nose, and in the quaff. Floral notes are secondary, followed by light apple, nutty almond, and faint grassy tones. Oak prominent throughout.

Palate: Sweet with a thick but not oily consistency.

Side Notes: This was a very strong- tasting, heavier scotch. Recommended.

Cost: $35

We Love BaconScotch!

Cragganmore 12 year old Single Malt Scotch

Cragganmore 12 year old Single Malt Scotch

VIA (Our New Guy): Jason Debly

Well, I am happy to report that my spirits are lifted.¬† I hadn’t had a drink of Cragganmore in a long time but it¬†didn’t disappoint!¬† I loved it when I was a novice scotch nut, and am happy to report that I still do.¬† A teaspoon of water to a double pour delivers up¬†a classic Speyside malt¬†of honey, heather, smoke¬†and something ethereal that just makes you smile regardless of your situation!

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